Working out whether and how we can help.

We start by thinking about how it ends. How will we leave you in a better place by answering the specific questions you have or solving the problem you set us? Our aim is to ensure we and you have clarity before we start on how that looks.

There may be reasons why we can’t envisage success. Maybe we don’t have the knowledge or skills to help. Or perhaps we conclude together that it’s not the right time because your team has too much on its plate short term.

We’ll start by listening carefully to what you need to get done and why. Typically we’ll play that back in as clear a fashion as we can; probably asking you more questions as we go. Our clients often find this process of clarifying the problem space of value whether or not we proceed.

It’s all in the preparation.

Once that’s clear we’ll set out what we’ll do when and what we’ll produce along the way. We’ll also discuss and agree with you what help we’ll need from you and your team. Ideally we’ll also tell you how much it will cost as a fixed price. We prefer it this way. Very occasionally our clients’ needs mean a different arrangement is a better fit, but we’ll target getting to a fixed arrangement as soon as possible.

We believe that helping you to be more successful as quickly as possible rather than chasing a little extra short term revenue builds long term success for us. As a result we have no utilisation or other revenue targets for accounts. We can and do turn away work if the fit is not right – we’d prefer to leave you as a happy, potential future client.