Why Solstra?


Applied Experience

It takes more than 10,000 hours to be an expert. It takes diverse experience and practising skills. Our expertise helps us get to what's important fast.

Built on trust

We build relationships based on mutual respect and work effectively with your technology team - we've been there. We don't take on work where we can't add value - even if we could "wing it" - no utilisation targets here.

Working at your speed

We'll work with you to shape the scope and approach to get what you need, when you need it.

Tom Buehlmann

Tom Buehlmann

CEO - Cint, AB

I had experience of working with Solstra previously; so, I knew Stuart’s approach and style of working would be the right fit for us. Solstra played a very important role in shaping the future of Cint’s technology strategy. Eighteen months on, we can see the many positive outcomes that were delivered by the Cint team from work facilitated by Solstra.

Neil Bacon

Neil Bacon

CEO iwantgreatcare.org

110% recommended. Huge insight and technical skills complemented by subtle, nuanced approach and high "spirit" energy. Thorough, personable, robust, structured and sensitive to the culture and stage of our growing business. Greatly improved not just what we do, but our thinking as well.

Mark Fowle

Mark Fowle

CEO Attenda

I have worked with Stuart across three different businesses (over the last 10 years) and been his client and his manager. He is bright, eloquent, hard working, great with big concepts as well as getting things done, always supportive, non political, diligent and generally a great guy to have around. I look forward to working with him again

Jonathan Lakin

Jonathan Lakin

CEO at Intent HQ

Stuart has done an excellent job for us. He has been thorough, questioning, objective and professional.


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About Cint Cint is the technology backbone of the world’s most successful insights companies. Cint’s platform accelerates the efficiency of gathering survey data, so companies can find insights faster, in a cost-effective and scalable way Read more…

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